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PayProff is secure payment via an escrow account. PayProff's system already handles transactions for more than 700 million EUR a year. Escrow is process of two parties entering into a trade agreement, and the buyer sends the agreed amount to a secured account, where the money stays until the seller has executed his part of the agreement. PayProff secures both buyer and seller when goods and services are paid.

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How it works

5 simple steps..


Buyer and seller agrees on the terms of the transaction.


Buyer transfers the agreed upon payment to PayProff.


Seller delivers the goods or service to buyer.


Buyer approves the goods or service.


PayProff disburses the payment to seller.

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Be more secure on the Internet.

In PayProff's Escrow solution we take care of both buyer and seller throughout the entire sales process. As a neutral part of the trade, we guarantee 2-way security and trustworthy payment so that you are not scammed for payment or pay for an item you have not seen.

Advantages with PayProff

Advantages when using PayProff.

Private trade

Are you considering buying a used iPhone or computer from a private person through sales platform or Facebook? PayProff can help you avoid situations with scammers and fake accounts. We always ensure that the person you are dealing with is the person he or she pretends to be.

Secure the seller

The buyer may not always be prepared to pay for an item or service that is not delivered. With PayProff you are guaranteed that the buyer can and will pay.

Bank guarantee

With PayProff's coverage of both buyer and seller you both have a cheap alternative to traditional guarantees. You create the agreement yourself and when the conditions are met, PayProff releases the deposited amount.

PayProff Pricematrix
Amount (DKK)
1 - 9.999
Fee2% (Minimum 25 DKK)
Amount (DKK)
10.000 - 49.999
Fee1,5 %
Amount (DKK)
50.000 - 99.999
Amount (DKK)
100.000 - 249.999
Amount (DKK)
> 250.000
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