PayProff A/S is a Danish provider of escrow services

PayProff A/S is a Danish provider of escrow services. An escrow account is a special insured deposit account that is protected against insolvency in which the funds of a deal/ transaction can rest securely until the terms of that deal have been fulfilled.

Think of it as a trusted third party that keeps the money safe to protect both Buyer and Seller.

We offer our services to private individuals and companies based in Denmark via our web portal. For now, we support transactions in DKK only, but we are working hard to cover other Nordic countries and currencies in the EU.

PayProff was built out of the need to provide buyers and sellers with a solution that would increase safety and trust when buying and selling online.

Since 2019, PayProff's mission has been to bring the safety and security of the escrow concept to private individuals and registered companies in Denmark and beyond.

PayProff A/S is an independent private company and holds a Payment Service Provider (PSP) license issued by the Danish FSA

PayProff's fully digitalised platform is accessible to everyone in Denmark and is, as holder of a PSP license, subject to the terms of the Money Laundering Act (Act No. 651 of June 8, 2017 on Preventive Action against Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing).

The accounts that hold the buyer's deposits, our escrow accounts, rests securely with Banking Circle A/S. Regular audits are performed EoY to ensure that we comply with the legal requirements, follow strict processes and the rules that apply to financial companies.

Our team

Constantin Jørgensen

CEO of PayProff A/S

Constantin has been appointed as CEO of PayProff A/S in February 2021.

He has experience in traditional banking services from Danske Bank where he has worked on the IT development of an Anti Money Laundering initiative amongst others.

Board of directors
Jesper Ratza

Founder of PayProff A/S and CEO of Auction Group A/S

André Rogaczewski

Co-founder at Netcompany A/S

Jan Damsgaard

Professor at CBS

Erik Svanvig

Lawyer & partner at Skov Attorneys

Lars T. Pedersen

Economic advisor and private investor